Fluoride is not good for Living Things!

There has been such a huge debate for years about the safety and the effectiveness of fluoride. So–let’s cut the nonsense! Fluoride, whether in the water we drink, the toothpaste we use, or the trays in the dental office, is a poison! It comes from industrial waste, and even from the waste from “purifying” nuclear material. No scientific research has ever indicated that ingesting fluoride or putting it on your teeth reduces cavities. None–zero–nada! The use of fluoride in the human body is the result of one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on our country.

Fluoride causes “fluorosis” or mottling and staining of the teeth in animals, and it directly adversely affects over 40% of the population. As you can imagine, mottling will cause softer teeth which decay more than non-mottled teeth. So, yes, to spell it out, fluoride actually causes tooth decay to increase!

How do you prevent tooth decay? Cut out sugar. And every single day, brush and Water-Pik the soft plaque off your teeth. That’s all there is to it. The plain scientific fact is that lots of sugar must be present in the diet for teeth to decay. If you eat sugar or give it to your children frequently, you will pay the price of cavities in your teeth.

Another huge problem with fluoride is that both fluorine and chlorine are what is called “antagonists” to iodine. (By the way, so is bromine.) So, if you are drinking fluoridated water and it is also treated with chlorine (all public water supplies are) then your thyroid gland is under constant attack since it needs iodine to work. You drink the chlorine and fluorine in your water from the tap, and you breathe it when you shower. You can get rid of the chlorine with a good whole house filter. Filters won’t remove the fluoride, but they do remove the chlorine.

What if you need to neutralize fluoride in your diet? You can do these things:
1. Drink distilled water. No fluoride in there.
2. Increase your “antioxidant” vitamins, like C, the complete E (all 4 tocopherols and all 4 tocotrienols), B complex, and take minerals like magnesium.
3. Eat lots of organic vegetables.
4. Wash those veggies thoroughly with water and 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract.

See ya’ next time!
Dr. Tom