The Problem with Acid Reflux

One of the questions I’m asked most is, “What do I do about acid reflux and indigestion?” Around 20% (1 in 5) people experience acid reflux at least once a week.

First of all, it is not acid foods which cause acid reflux, but these foods can be a significant contributing factor. Therefore, if you are constantly eating a diet high in acid foods, it might be a good idea to cut back on them if you have acid reflux . But there are other things which address the cause of acid reflux and which will extinguish the flames of acid reflux for good.

(Foods considered to be “acid” are:
Tomatoes and tomato products
Spicy or “hot” flavors
Excess caffeine (remember that chocolate, peppermint, and sodas have caffeine.)

The human body may lack certain natural chemicals it needs to digest foods. The person may be eating too many processed foods and consuming too many toxins than the body is meant to process. In any case, we are not lacking in antacids, and these are not the answer. In fact, in the long run, using these can make the situation many times worse!

One of the things that happens naturally after age 30 is that the body has less need for all the calories we burned up as we were younger, and so the body naturally reduces the amount of stomach acid that it produces. Also, the enzymes that help to break down our food (fats: lipase; protein: protease; and carbohydrates: amylase) are naturally reduced. So, a good digestive enzyme will help everyone, especially as we age.

Please understand that acid reflux in over 90% of cases is not caused by too much acid in the stomach. In fact, it is cause by too little. The reasons are complicated, but in a nutshell, if we have just slightly less acid in our stomachs, our food is not broken down in a timely manner, and when the food tries to move down the digestive chain into the intestines the body resists this move, and the food in forced back into the esophagus. Keep in mind that the stomach fluids are extremely acid, and even if not acid enough to dissolve the food, they are acid enough to burn the esophagus.

So, what is the answer? Well, there are several:
Cut out the processed foods, and especially those foods that seem to cause the burning. Unlike what they like you to believe on TV, some foods are not fit for human consumption, and taking a prescription antacid may cause a life-threatening problem.
Cut way back on the “acid-causing foods” listed above.
Be aware of what foods seem to cause your problem and eliminate them.
Lose weight since fat causes inflammation throughout the body and makes digestion even more difficult.

Several supplements can help the body digest food as God meant it to do. These include:
Digestive enzymes which help replace not only the enzymes of digestion, but some of the missing acid in the stomach.
Betaine hydrochloride which replaces the missing acid.
Glutamine which sooths the digestive tract.
Lecithin which aids the gall bladder in processing fats.
Fiber which moves the food along through the G tract.
And one of the best of all digestive aids: a product called “GI Revive” which does all of the above.

These should all be monitored by a qualified and experienced doctor or nutritionist. Someone like this can help you to know what to use, how to use it, and when to use it. Don’t treat yourself without professional guidance.
And the earlier you begin to seek help the better you will be because after a long time the damage can be irreversible. Take charge now!