Nutrition and the Immune System

A number of years ago, I was invited to make a presentation at Oxford (in England) on what has become known as Biocompatible Periodontal Therapy, or the non-surgical treatment of gum disease. I was tremendously honored to be one of the seven medical professionals asked to speak at the symposium which was presented by the European Chapter of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. In fact, I remember walking up to the podium and seeing a plaque which stated, “It was at this podium that William Penn articulated to Parliament the need for the Colonies to leave the Empire,” and it gave the date, site of Mr. Penn’s speech, etc. Wow—that was impressive!

Two of the other presenters were world famous Immunologists, and again, I was blessed to be able to speak one-on-one with them. Because I knew that sick gums did not exist in a healthy human, I was very interested in what advise they would give for strengthening the immune system which is the body’s main way of keeping us alive. They both agreed that, while they did not have all the answers, they believed that nutritional health was the number one necessity in having a healthy immune system.

Many of you have been with me on the journey to Optimal Health since I first started on the Path. It’s been a fun trip and I have enjoyed working with all the health-centered people I have encountered on the way. And now, for the first time in all of these years I am very worried about where our health care is going. There is no question but that we have had the best health care system in the world for many, many years, but that care is under great threat from many sources right now. It is for that reason I am writing this blog. Insurance companies have done irreparable harm to our health care system, and with the government now entering the field (and taking it over in the near future), it is truly frightening!

Even after 47 years of being inundated with health care and working in the field, I learn something new almost every day. I am excited about sharing with you what I learn, and I also am excited with all the new knowledge that Kathy and I use here in our own home to enhance the quality of life we have. My goal is to allow all of us (me, my family, my subscribers and clients) to live a long and high quality life without interference from outside forces.

We can live the healthiest and most fulfilling life by addressing the following four areas:
Lifestyle changes
Supplements individualized for you and your body

In my next “blog” I will talk about the lifestyle changes I recommend and why they are so important to maintaining health. It is necessary to know that a prescription drug is nothing but a “permission slip” to go on eating and living in the same way that made you sick in the first place. You do not need prescription drugs for most medical “problems.” If you are interested, I have a beautiful article from the Harvard Medical School Health Letter about “diseases” which are better treated naturally rather than with the drugs which have been prescribed. I will send it to you upon request.

In the meantime, please forward this to your friends and family and ask them to sign up for my blog!!

On the Pathway to Optimal Health with you,



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