Malabsorption Syndrome

In our last discussion we looked at why someone who is not feeling well and yet is eating a “healthy diet,” and taking supplements might still be deficient in nutrients due to the lack of quality of those supplements. This time, let’s take a look at what is becoming an epidemic in humans: Malabsorption Syndrome.


There are several reasons for the occurrence of Malabsorption Syndrome:

The most common is when the gut is damaged as in leaky gut syndrome, subclinical celiac disease, food allergies, and other issues which affect the integrity of the gut lining. If the gut is damaged, the nutrients we take in whether in the form of food or supplements cannot be absorbed properly and the person becomes undernourished. If advanced enough, proteins, vitamins and minerals from the diet and from supplements can actually enter the bloodstream through this damaged area of the gut and cause an inflammatory response throughout the body because they should be absorbed through the digestive system and therefore the body sees them as foreign to itself.


Subclinical celiac disease damages the gut lining because gluten and gliadin react with the gut lining when grains are eaten. Modern day grains for the most part bear no relationship to those eaten by our ancestors. While not frank celiac disease, this is called gluten intolerance, and is a real and epidemic problem. A gluten-free diet for 30 days is an excellent way to allow the gut to begin to heal.


Toxicity damages the gut lining, the gall bladder and the liver. (Toxicity damages all body cells, but we are just talking about Malabsorption Syndrome in this blog.) Again, foods and supplements are not broken down in an effective way, and the person becomes undernourished and does not function well in any capacity. A professionally guided detoxification is the only way to correct a toxic state.


Poor gut bacteria due to inadequate diet, poor supplementation, and antibiotic use is another way that Malabsorption Syndrome occurs. If you have followed my Newsletters and Blogs throughout the years, you know that I believe the most important supplement we can take is a high quality probiotic. This will strengthen your body, including the immune system, 75-80% of which comes from the healthy bacteria in the gut.


But there’s a lot more to a healthy gut than just probiotics. We follow a program called “The Four R’s of Gut Repair.” This involves Removing both foods that may damage the patient’s gut and infectious “bugs.” Reinoculating with healthy probiotics is step two. Then we Replace missing digestive enzymes and acids. Repairing the gut lining is step four. The process may take many months or just a few weeks depending on the individual patient’s needs.


The last step to getting all the body’s nutritional needs fulfilled is to follow what is prescribed by the treating doctor or nutritionist. This goes without saying, and does not demand any further explanation!


Give us a call–we need to talk!


Please pass this blog along to your friends, family, and co-workers. We work with people by utilizing the modern technique known as “telemedicine,” and we would love to help you. You do not have to come to Delaware! We also can help you as a “Medical Advocate.” What this means is that, if you have questions about health matters, including the interpretation of laboratory testing, you can contact us and we will discuss what your test results mean and help you get good answers to your questions. It seems that today everyone, including doctors, is in a rush and you end up getting the short end of the stick. We can help with that problem. Just give us a call at 410-326-6690. Also, check out our Web Site at for more info.


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